Catholic Schools

Holy Family School System – Preschool – 8th Grade

Our parish school is a consolidation of the parishes of St. Jude, St. Ludmila, St. John XXIII, St. Patrick Cedar Rapids. Together they constitute what is known as The Holy Family School System.

The Holy Family School System provides a preschool through eighth grade educational program with approximately 600 students in attendance. Staff members create an educational atmosphere where Catholic values are taught and infused into a sound academic curriculum. In addition to the educational program, the school offers many additional activities like band, show choir, and athletic opportunities.

The Holy Family School maintains high educational standards and has established the spiritual, academic, civic, and psychological well being of its students and its priorities. Mutual involvement of the school with parents, parish and community are important elements in the overall operation of the school.

The Holy Family School takes pride in being a quality Catholic educational institution, as well as being a school which teaches and promotes the gospel values of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our parish campus’ are located at:

St. Jude Center (P,K,1,2)
3700 1st Avenue, NW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405
Phone: (319) 396-7818
Fax: (319) 390-0952
Administrator: Ronda Krystofiak
Holy Family – St Jude Center

St. Ludmila Center (P,3,4)
215 21st. Ave. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone: (319) 362-1943
Fax: (319) 364-4149
Administrator: Janet Whitney
Holy Family – St. Ludmilla Center

La Salle Center (5,6,7,8)
3700 1st Avenue, NW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405
Phone: (319) 396-7792
Fax: (319) 390-6527
Administrator: Rick Louk
Holy Family – La Salle Center

Please call the school office for additional information or to make an appointment to tour the school.
Thank you for your interest in the Holy Family School System.

Xavier High School
St. John XXIII is a member parish of the Cedar Rapids Metro Catholic Education System’s one High School. The mission of Xavier High School is to develop the total person in a Catholic environment.

Xavier High School
6300 42nd Street NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411
Phone: (319) 294-6635
Fax: (319) 294-6712
Principal: Tom Keating
Xavier High School
Cedar Rapids Metro Catholic Schools

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