Mom’s Prayer & Study Group

Does your life feel out of control? Do you feel that you
are doing so many things that you are doing none of
them well? Lisa Brenninkmeyer, the founder of
Walking with Purpose, understands how it feels when
life is stuck on the spin cycle. As a mother of seven, she
knows we don’t just need to be told what kind of
women we should be. We need some help getting
there. Drawing from her own experience of balancing
marriage, motherhood, and work inside and outside
the home, Lisa helps you uncover the key to living a
busy life with inner calm. What’s the secret?
Identifying key priorities, and doing first what matters
most. Please join us in this book study program
starting Tuesday, October 6, from 9:15-11:15 am and
meeting weekly through November 17. Childcare will
be available. Contact Rianna if interested in
participating at or call her at

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