Fantasy Football

Another season of Fantasy Football is upon us. Since the auto-draft format seems to work better with everyone’s schedules we’ll stick with that again this year. I’ll set the time and date for that soon. Similar to last year, assuming we have enough people, I plan to divide the overall league into at least two sub-leagues that would draft separate from one another. Each sub-league would draft from the entire pool of eligible NFL players, thus one team in each sub-league could have Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson. Obviously, in this situation, you will only be able to trade with teams in your respective sub-league. The idea here is (1) to make the draft a bit easier on everyone, (2) to give teams better opportunities to be competitive with each other on a week to week basis, and (3) to open up more chances for teams that suffer injuries to pick up better quality free agents and/or make trades.Since we have several teams that have related owner/coaches, every effort will be made to place them in separate sub-leagues to avoid the appearance of impropriety concerning trades, etc.If you have participated in the past and are not interested in playing this year I need to know ASAP. If you’d like to give this a try for the first time, please call me at 396-4888 or e-mail me at

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